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What is hood love? What is it all about? Find out here.

The word HoodLove represents a commitment to the social and economic recovery of the poverty stricken communities commonly known as “the hood”. No matter who you are or where you are. When a movement is created through innovation and dedication, the possibilities are endless. Imagine the world when poverty stricken urban communities globally evolve into places for PROSPERITY and LOVE.

Many OPPORTUNITIES exist in these areas, but are not pursued due to several high risk factors. Some residents of the hood overlook the OPPORTUNITIES that exist in the hood, or are limited from a lack of a structure that will support their efforts. Many people that love the hood do not know how they can help the hood, or even more, HOW TO MAKE MONEY MAKING THE HOOD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

The residents of the hood are suffering from a lack of love in the hood. The majority of crime in the hood involves -POVERTY-DRUGS-CASH-MURDER-JAIL-DEATH. The victims of the crimes usually are the residents of the hood. The cycles begin and end the same - A Huge Loss of Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

At HoodLove, we will not blame anyone for the problems affecting the hood. At HoodLove, we seek POSITIVE legal remedies to all the problems affecting the hood. HoodLove plans to have a positive impact on every hood in the world through strategic ideals of Respect, Self Help, Responsibility, and Social Commitment.
I was born and raised in the hood, have always done business in the hood, mostly involving real estate rehabilitation, I understand the hood, I exist from a survival through the hood, therefore, I must admit, I love the hood.

HoodLove, LLC is a for profit company started in East Orange, New Jersey
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